Top Mistakes Made

One of the biggest mistakes people make are filling out the paper work wrong

Now this is not done on purpose, but if there is paperwork filled out wrong then, there will be issues. Lost luggage, luggage with identification that came off now can't be figured out since the paper work was filled out wrong.

You can not over label you belongings.

Do not use the cheap suitcase airline tags, they will rip off and you will lose your belongings in a depot. Use markers, duck tape, clear tape over the paper address. see image of it Here.

Find out the law of postal address

Sometime we get people place the street address but not the apartment number because they say " it's the only apartment complex in the town and we re the only ones with the name". That is all good but when we are not the ones personally doing the delivery and it is in another country, the last mile delivery company can not delivery it if it doesn't have the apartment number. Also if the postal code is wrong it won't be able to be delivered once it reaches the depot that is in your country. It is most important to have the exact address and the address format as your country states it by law.

You must declare exactly what is in your belongings

There are things that can not be shipped, like watch batteries, laptops, and chemicals. If you do not declare these items and they are check at the depot, most depots depending on the countries policies will take out and fine you for it or they will confiscate the entire box without notice. Discount Freight is not responsible and all insurance is void if you do not declare a certain item,. Also if your luggage is lost for good and you declare $500 and then try and tell us there was $5000 in the box, there will be nothing we can do or will do, becasue you only declared $500 value for the box. It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to make sure you declare and value your items accordingly.

Is it really a big deal to be off on weight and sizes.

Well the short answer is yes, and for many reasons. Your paying for a certain weight because it cost a certain amount for us to ship it through our partners. Now when you luggage or box gets to a depot, they identify it by the way bill of size and weight. So when they get a cargo box in and they see a box that is bigger than what states and weights 2 kilos more, they then will place it in the back of the warehouse along with the lost items, since there was no id nor was it on the waybill paper work. If you luggage is stored at a depot and we try and tell them what the box size is and weight and, they will look for that and obviously wont find it because it was declared differently.

Good Tips

  • Get Insurance
  • Get Tracking if Available
  • Know what you can send
  • Triple Check address's

Discount Freight

Shipping to or from Australia is easy. Low Prices and times for your budget. There are some items that need to be pointed out to make it a flawless non eventful shipment. Please see our FAQS to make sure things are done correctly.

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